SR - To All Those Fighters Who Don't Get To Go To WAR!!!

Allen Swan aillens_dragon at
Sun Mar 5 15:14:25 PST 2000

With This Missive,


Herby invites all fighters who do not get to go to Gulf War and are within range of Smithville, Texas, pray ye attend the 


and exhibit your great skills in fighting and chivalry to all the gentles of the great land of King Author.

For  those who wish to attend and show there skills, a few free passes are available ( please contact me about passes).   If you just want to attend and "play",  come dressed in garb,  tickets are 1/2 price.

The Incipient Shire of Dragon Keep will have a booth set up right inside the front gate, we hope to attract the attention of those in the area and gain new members for our up and growing young Shire.

We look forward to hearing from you Fighters out there, or anyone else who has some talent you would like to share with all.

For more information please contact:

Aillen Gunn, seneschal
aillens_dragon at
(mundane name:  Allen Swan)

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