ANST-Announce - Thanks - War Practice JEvans5420 at
Sun Mar 5 18:52:55 PST 2000

    I am writing to say thanks to the 21 fighters that showed up to the 
Sunday war practice at Lyonesse.  We had a splendid few precious hours of 
fencing, and nobody left wanting.  A special thanks goes to Don Robert and 
Ld. Avery for leading the teams during the melees.  Thanks to his 
excellencies Don Kazimir and Baroness Kate for Marshaling.  And, thank you 
Pete for the new mark on my mask(laugh). That was quite a shot. And, congrats 
on being the newest member of the Queens Guard.  And, last but most, thank 
you, your Majesty, for coming out to play with us on such a fine day.


P.S. - Just for those of you who might get my joke wrong, Pete did not pez 
me.  He can control his shots better than that.
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