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Tue Sep 12 08:30:23 PDT 2000

Can anyone help Milady Ceara inghean mhic Thearlaich in 
locating Wulf Beornsson? The last contact info we have 
is from 1988. Any help would be appreciated

Borek, Star

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Subject: Name conflict resolution
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Dear HL Borek Vitalievich Volkov,

My name is Milady Ceara inghean mhic Thearlaich and I 
am the shire herald for Tir Briste in the Kingdom of 
I have a shire member who tried to register the 
name "Ulf Bjornson" which was kicked back in conflict 
with "Wulf Beornsson" who registered the name in 
Ansteorra in November of 1988, according to the SCA 
armorial.  We have tried several ways to contact this 
person for permission to conflict to no avail.  In 
fact, we were informed that this person is no longer 
active and has apparently disappeared off the face of 
the Known World.  

Therefore, I appeal to you for help.  If you know how 
to contact this person or anyone who knows him and will 
contact him for us, it would be greatly appreciated.  
Please have anyone with information to contact me at 
Mandy at or Ulf_Bjornson at  

I thank you most kindly for any help you can offer.

In Service to the Dream.
Ceara inghean mhic Thearlaich
Herald, Tir Briste
Kingdom of Meridies

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