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Tue Sep 12 12:17:12 PDT 2000

 All who are attending Defender of the Fort at the Stones of Raven's Fort please read.

    Open pit fires of any kind will not be allowed due to the lack of rain in the area.
    BBQ pits or charcoal pits will be allowed with a form of extinguisher near it in plain view 
    and as long as it is not unattended. Unattended pits will be extinguished by the Autocrat
    and the owner to be dealt with by the site agent.
    H.L. Brian du Val is the Autocrat and Sir Kief av Kierstead is the site agent.
    One more note of interest. Due to cost of Salmon and the possible "Red Tide effect" We have changed     the menu item of Smoked Salmon to Roasted Pork Loin It will have garlic used on it.

        Sorry for the last minute changes but they were unavoidable and we did not want any 
    surprises for you when you travel too our lands this weekend.!

                                    Hope to see you all at the  Stones.
                                                                                                Brian du Val    :o)
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