SR - A Simple Plea Refuted

Brian & Pam Martin twinoak at
Fri Sep 22 18:49:32 PDT 2000

Unto all good gentles who read our words,

So now do the malcontents speak, befouling the air with lies and blasphemy.
Since taking our rightful place upon the baronial thrones of Bryn Gwlad, we
have done naught but for the good of our people. All in Their Majesties'
fair kingdom attest that our tenure has been kind and gentle. Yea, perhaps
we have been too gentle, for now hidden and un-named enemies spread rumor
like pestilence and attempt to sway our loyal people against us, their
loving and protective nobility.

Good folk of Bryn Gwlad, listen not to these deceivers. Do not let them sway
you with lies and hate. Do not add your sin to theirs. All in Bryn Gwlad
have known health and prosperity for these last three years.  God's eternal
and divine plan must be maintained, and all must pay their share in order to
maintain this prosperity, all of which is in harmony with the divine
Father's plan.

Wise and gentle people of Bryn Gwlad, do not let the greed and lust for
power that consumes those who would lead you into sedition over take you and
lead you to ruin. We were rightfully placed upon the baronial throne by the
Crown of Ansteorra, and hold these lands in fief from Them. Remember that we
ask for no more than is fair to pay taxes to the soverign Crown and to
maintain the protection and upkeep of the lands. That is our right and our
duty. To rebel against your Baron and Baroness is to rebel against your
Crown. The justice of the king is rightous, swift and terrible to behold.
Tis not a thing worth one's life to see first hand.

We beg you, gentle folk, do not place yourself in a state of sin, nor in the
path of the Lion Sword, but stay content in your farms and villages in kind
obeyance to the laws of God and your King. Know that we, your loving
nobility serve you and yours with love in our hearts and mercy for all.

This we write and seal with our names, in Christ's name, on the 22cd of
September, AS XXXV

Pendaran and Jehanne
Lord and Lady Bryn Gwlad

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From: Johan Fergusson <johans at>
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Date: Friday, September 22, 2000 9:31 AM
Subject: BG - A Simple Plea

>I cannot speak for others but the foul treatment of the common man wounds
>my heart!  Taxes are crippling them and breaking their spirit.  These petty
>nobles that live like leeches, sucking the life out of those hard working
>sons  and daughters of the soil must be shown that they must surely be held
>accountable for their actions.  Even the clergy have fallen victims to this
>gluttonous and wanton grasp of riches and power.
>O man! Unite!  Throw off those shackles of servitude and rise up to reclaim
>what is rightfully yours!
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