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Getting your pass and camping 

After you have confirmed your name is on the pass list you will have to pick up your pass at the pick up point at the convenience store across the road from the Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF) main gate. Look for a vehicle with an SCA sign and two orange safety cones. The pick up point will be open during the following hours:

Friday 6:00 pm. To 12:00 Midnight

Saturday 8:00 am. To 12:00 Noon

Sunday 8:00 am. To 12:00 Noon

When you receive your pass or passes you will need to drive to the back gate and surrender the pass to the security guard to gain admittance. If you leave you will need another pass to reenter the Back gate. 

To get to the SCA parking follow the road to the left at the security gate and go behind the TRF site. You will see some posts on your left with little brown shields and the letters SCA in white. If you pass the three water towers on the left you just past it. This is the camping area for the sca participants. To enter the compound just continue down the road and look for the showers on the right and MIL camping on the left. Just pass these is a road on the right. You will take the right and go between the gate doors and then between the smaller gate straight ahead as you enter the gate take the first road to the right the follow it to the large white wall with the number 232 on it. And you will be at the site.

When requesting passes please contact:

John Reuter

6 Whippoorwill

Huntsville Tx. 77340

(936) 295-4671

E-mail: cobalt60 at 

Please send me your Mundane & SCA name, address and phone number and what you plan to assist with. This information will help me with the passes in many ways.

Thank you for the time.

Brian du Val :o) 

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