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Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Tue Dec 17 20:48:44 PST 2002

Good Morning,

  I understand that some people are wanting to make combat arrows and
  bolts. I am willing to act as the central contact for getting the
  fiberglass for this if people would like to place an order and I'll
  have it available after Steppes 12th Night.

  What I need is the following information:

- Length of shaft you desire
  - Arrows are 'typically' 28" - 30"
    After waste the fiberglass lengths divides nicely into 29.5" sections,
    but you need to make sure the draw length doesn't exceed 28" to prevent
  - Bolts are 'typically' 14" - 15"
    While I cut mine to 14.5", the fiberglass lengths divides nicely into
    14.75" sections after waste.
- The quantity of shafts you desire
  It should be in multiples of 8 arrow shafts (if 29.5" or less) or 16
  crossbow bolts (if 14.75" or less).

  The price will come out to about 30 cents a foot, but that will depend
  on waste from the different possible lengths.


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