[Southern] Fiberglass...

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Sat Dec 28 05:47:27 PST 2002

> Good Morning,
>   This is a last call for fiberglass for combat archery.
>   You can order shafts in the following multiples:
> 16   crossbow bolt shafts   -  14.5"
>  8   arrow shafts           -  28.5"
>   Each multiple will cost $6 and will be picked up at Steppes 12th night
>   or Coronation depending on which is convenient for your payment schedule.

NOTE: Those dates are when I am picking the fiberglass up. Delivery and
      payment for your order can be at alternate times and locales as is

Btw, I forgot to put the deadlines.

Orders for 12th Night must be in no later than December 29th.
Orders for Coronation must be in in no later than January 5th.


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