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Conner Craig conner at apple.com
Wed Oct 16 11:34:11 PDT 2002

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I¹m sorry this note is coming out a little late, I¹m still wrapping up all
the little loose ends from the event.

Bryn Gwlad Baronial Championship took a staff of 23 to put on and they
performed outstandingly.  This event would not have been nearly as
successful without their help, ideas, and constant energy.

Thanks to the following people who made this event work so smoothly:

Gate:  Lord Andre
Heralds:  Lord Johan
Rapier lists: Lord Avery and Lady Robin
Chivalric lists:  Lord Jehan and Lady Wrenn
Archery lists:  Lord Charles
Youth Archery scoring:  Lady Dior
Transition Coordinator:  Lady Wrenne
Friday Night Eastern Bardic and Event Steward Keeper:  Lady Saar-rah (Shula)
Bardic Circle:  HE Pendaran
A&S:  Master Jovian
Ship Party:  Lord Calaban
Site Clean-Up:  Lord Gregory
Merchants:  Lady Pegasus
Sunday Melees:  Duke Kein and HE Dore
Webmistress:  HE Claire
Happy Hour:  HL Damaris and Lady Saar-rah and all the others who
participated.  I¹m really sorry I didn¹t make it over.

Special thanks to the following people:

Lord Sigerith d¹Aiencort, my outstanding head cook.  By far and away that
was one of the best feasts I have ever had.  If you liked the feast at BG
Baronial, be sure to eat the feast at Candlemas, as I understand that Lord
Sigerith is the head cook for that too.  Get your feast reservations in

Lord Marion and Lady Tabitha, who were in charge of site-set up and
ambience.  They did an outstanding job and made themselves available for
whatever I needed, over and over.

Lady Bridget for a great job running the equestrian aspects of the event.  I
told her I wanted to feature equestrian activities at this event, and she
ran with it.  Or rode with it.

Lord Jehan d¹Aigle who kept me sane, far more then he knows.  Jehan¹s
experience and graceful attitude greatly helped me get throughout the event.

Lady Alina, for running the water-bearers.  Excellent job!  Thanks for
taking this job and making it so successful.

Emeline de Neville, who volunteered to run the kitchen clean-up and also
wrangled the serving for the feast at the last minute.  Emeline contributed
to the event in many various ways and I was honored to have her on my staff.

Lady Robin Anderson of Ross, my wife.  Thanks for not killing me during the
last 6 months.  I promise to never again steward an event and be in a
Baron¹s Men play at the same time.  Love ya.

I want to give Word Fame to three people:

Aaron, Jeffrey, and Kelly:  whenever I needed something they were there to
help, over and over and over.  This was their first event.

Finally, two other Thank Yous:

Isaboe, who ran important last-minute errands for me on Saturday morning.
Og, who stepped up and took care of trash disposal from the event site.

For all those who I have missed in giving thanks, please know that you are
in my heart.  The event ran well because of all the people who volunteered
on-site and at the last minute.

Take care,
Conor Drummond
Event Steward


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