[Spit-project] Idea about firebowls

Charles Netterville ck_netterville at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 12 17:20:05 PDT 2007

Robin Lindsey <moiranliam at earthlink.net> wrote:    
What's occured to me is: Can a smaller spit be made that can sit over one
of those firebowls? Can one of the spit designs do that already, and then
once another base is made just convert it? We have a firebowl, and I'd
LOVE for it to be multi-purpose and be able to cook in it.

  I don't see any reason we couldn't build a spit around an existing design. If this is one that you like, we can take a spit design and incorporate it into the measurements of your existing firebowl. 
  Elrique, apprenticed to a cooking laurel and humble welder but not much more...

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