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It depends, Fredric, on what you want to cook on your spit.  My first one was only about 3.5' long spit pole, and the uprights are only about 3' long.  I think they are all made out of 1/2" wrought iron stock.  It works fine for small stuff... even got a 40 pound pig on it a couple times.

You just have to decide on what you want to have and transport.  You could also start out with a commerically made tripod grill (the ones with the grill on chains hanging from the center of the tripod), and work from there.  

Do a Google search on SCA blacksmiths and see if you can find one or two who sell the tripods that can become a spit (meaning, they come apart).

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I wanted to see if any of you could help me out with deminisions for a 
period spit.  I am used to outdoor cooking (frontier era) but have nothing 
period. My wife and I are just getting to the point of gathering everything 
for our camp.  Any help or suggestions you could give me would be greatly 

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