[Spit-project] clay-question for pug-request for Gunthar

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 17 08:24:34 PDT 2007

>I can get all the food safe clay you want from Armadillo clay, dug right
>here in the Austin area.

I'll have to look around Dallas and see if I can find a source. I guess 
Kalida would know where to get some.

>   Bring me your doc for this clay cooking stuff..I'm absolutely 

I'll look for it.

>   I appreciate that you are going to use Cornish game hens, Gunthar...I'm
>not sure how much skin and feathers I can stand...LOL.

Well, the cool thing is that when the clay is broken off, all of that comes
off as well, so it plucks and skins the meat. That saves a lot of time in
a real world situation.
I'm planning on wrapping them in cheesecloth so the clay doesn't rip off
the skin of the birds.

Hey, Pug, is it possible to change the name of the mailing list without 
screwing everything up? Or is this going to be "spit-project" from now on.

>   gwyneth


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