[Spit-project] King's College Class

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 17 08:47:21 PDT 2007

Well, if I can't get the groovy period spit built in time
I'm going to need some kind of chicken turner. I have
a basic spit/tripod setup which could cover the
spinning chicken and stew w/pudding. I have a grill
for the fricassee. The clay hens will be buried.

Reginia, could I impose on you that I may borrow a
cooking spit with clamps and turner so that we can
do a spit turned chicken as well? I don't have anything
that can do that.

While the chickens are cooking I'm also thinking of
doing a griddle bread, buttered worts, a steamed
pudding, veggies roasted in the drippings and a
simple syrup to make a period fruit drink.

How does that sound?

Now I just need to get the class registered.


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