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Tue Apr 17 12:13:51 PDT 2007

Clay for pots that will be used over the fire needs to be a specific sort - I don't recall if it's earthenware or stoneware. Those college pottery classes were too long ago. I can tell you that all John Hudson's (http://www.hudsonclaypotter.com/the_pots.php?type=2) cooking pots are fire-safe. 

He does ship to the US, but shipping is expensive. If folks want to purchase a lot of pottery from him, we should get an order together. 

Lijsbet vande Visschereye

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From: gail young <gwynethb63 at yahoo.com>
> I can get all the food safe clay you want from Armadillo clay, dug right here in 
> the Austin area.
>   Bring me your doc for this clay cooking stuff..I'm absolutely fascinated.
>   Hey Pug...have you ever done this?
>   I appreciate that you are going to use Cornish game hens, Gunthar...I'm not 
> sure how much skin and feathers I can stand...LOL.
>   gwyneth
> Michael Gunter <countgunthar at hotmail.com> wrote:
>   >My clay is food safe glazed or not, but you're going to have to teach
> >me this food wrapped in clay thing...clay is dirt, you realize that 
> >right?LOL....
> I do worry about anything commercially available about safety. For example,
> many of the lovely pottery and pewter works from Mexico are not food save
> because of the glazes. I need to get a source of decent clay to wrap the
> birds in.
> And yes, cooked in dirt. This is an ancient method of cookery in which small
> animals such as fish, birds, hedgehogs, etc... would be wrapped in clay with
> fur and feathers and quills still intact, and then baked in the coals. Once
> done the clay was broken off and the fur, feathers, quills, skin, et al 
> would
> be removed with the clay and leave the meat to be eaten.
> I have decided to change my King's College class from making a full meal to
> demonstrating various methods of cooking birds outdoors. So I'm planning
> to cook chickens on the spit, in a potjie, spun on strings, boiled and 
> friccasseed.
> And then do like Cornish Game Hens wrapped in cheesecloth and then covered
> in clay and baked. While that is being done I'll probably prepare a couple 
> of
> other dishes like griddlebreads and a pudding (to be cooked in the chicken
> broth) just to pass the time. I like that idea better than the whole meal
> preparation. What do you think?
> I had a lot of fun at Guardian of the Gauntlet. Even though it was cold and
> very windy.
> Gunthar
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