[Spit-project] Pug's pictures

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 18 11:10:49 PDT 2007

>Here are the pictures I could find:

Looking closely at some of the pictures I see a
lot of very nice little additions.

Such as the center horizontal pole for the spit
has hooks. These aren't on the Scappi illustration
but I like them because they could possibly
be used to hang a lantern from or other uses.
Looking closely at one of the other pictures it
appears you hang the tongs from them.

One of the spits has several holes in it. I'm
wondering if this is used to put a skewer
through to prevent food from spinning on it?

The pot chain is nice as well as the extra long

Why do you have it so tall? I would think having
a camp spit no more than 4' would be better.

I LOVE the trivit with the spit hooks. They would
be perfect for small steaks or sausages.

What could be done with the steel to prevent
it from rusting?


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