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I agree that the height would be to allow slow cooking at first  (at 5'1/5" tall, I can walk under mine if the legs are fairly close together) and then getting the meat closer to the  hot coals as you want it to begin to get hot on the inside.  Keep a modern thermometer handy, so you can check to make sure your meat is the right temps... pork should be no less than 160 degrees before you eat it.

My spit is made from straight wrought iron stock... no twists in it.  I suppose a really good blacksmith could make one really pretty though with some, if you wanted it (Phlip, don't you do blacksmithing, too?).

Perhaps keeping it well oiled with olive oil would keep it from rusting, but, then, you would need to have a way to transport or store it so it wouldn't affect other objects right next to it.  I was thining of making a thin plywood box for mine.  Or else buying a cheap king sized sheet to wrap it up in.

~~ Meisterin Katarina Helene

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On 4/18/07, Michael Gunter <countgunthar at hotmail.com> wrote:

Why do you have it so tall? I would think having
> a camp spit no more than 4' would be better.

I'm thinking both to avoid bending over, and to give a wider
temperatire range for cooking.

> What could be done with the steel to prevent
> it from rusting?
> Gunthar

Frequent usage, if you're using today's modern mild steel.
Alternatively, use stainless steel.

Best option, though, for our purposes would be to use real wrought
iron. Do I need to describe the material? Because I'm thinking of a
specific material, not the modern twisted steel that's called wrought

Saint Phlip

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