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I was actually thinking of meat on the spit poles <sheepish grin>... any pots hanging from the center pole would be handled with either S hooks or the special hooks made just for pots that can be adjusted to whatever length is needed (can't recall what they are called at the moment, though... it is after midnight and I should be asleep or something like that).

 As I mentioned before, this style of spit can be made so it can be tall or shorter, depending upon how far you spread out the legs over your fire pit.

~~ Meisterin Katarina

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>I agree that the height would be to allow slow cooking at first and then 
>getting the meat closer to the  hot coals as you want
>it to begin to get hot on the inside.

Well, if you are cooking foods in the pot then what you want to
do is the opposite. Start it low over a hot fire and once it comes
to temperature you raise it to slowly cook.

I can't see taking it from high and then lowering it to the coals
unless you want to brown or sear. A roasted meat would have
had that anyway as roasting cooks from the outside in.

I'd still probably want a spit no more than 4' high. This is plenty
high enough to slow cook foods, and you can also adjust the
fire to accomodiate. I think a higher spit would be for very
large pots as shown in the Scappi illustration. I don't intend to
be cooking with anything that large.

>Keep a modern thermometer handy, so you can check to make
>sure your meat is the right temps...

Oh definately. Most especially when cooking over an open fire.
There are too many variables to really just cook for a certain amount
of time. Wind, ambient temp, quality of wood, humidity, etc...can
all drastically change cook times.

>(Phlip, don't you do blacksmithing, too?).

Yes, she does.

>Perhaps keeping it well oiled with olive oil would keep it from rusting,

I dunno. Maybe having blued steel?

>Or else buying a cheap king sized sheet to wrap it up in.

That's not a bad idea.

>~~ Meisterin Katarina Helene


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