[Spit-project] Looking at the Bayeux Tapestry...

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 6 15:44:43 PDT 2007

In October Ansteorra is having a Three King's melee
event and this year it will be the Battle of Hastings.
I'll be on the side of William of Normandy and, along
with fighting as one of the Earls or something I also
am working on recreating the feast William had that is
shown on the work. So far it looks like several spitted
birds and roasts and I think there is a fish on the table.
There is also a stew of some sort in a cauldron over
the fire. One part that will be a bit difficult to reproduce
is it appears they made a clay oven and baked items.
Maybe a couple of Coleman bakers will be needed...

There are some good, although very simple, spits

To make the feast more authentic I'm wanting to get
a bunch of small wooden or ceramic bowls for drinking
and they served the meal on shields. I'll have to get a
few plywood shields cut and decorated.  :-)

Elizabeth and I are going to try to go for as much
authenticity as possible. Just for fun. I know Countess
Regina will be supporting William and will be working the
kitchen as well. This will be a great time for some research
and outdoor cooking.




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