[Spit-project] Bayeux Tapestry dinner

Darius of the Bells dmriney at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 10 11:17:23 PDT 2007

Well I believe I am fighting for the other side but I can certainly bring out my 30 inch Brazier (made out of a 30 inch wok... not entirely period but looks pretty decent and is a nice portable fire pit with a grate), Tripods and Fire irons to help with the cause. 


>Yeah. It will suck if we make all these plans and then can't have campfires.
>>I'd like to see the "kitchen" working with
>>several fires going. A group of Bakers, a group of meat cookers, a group
>>doing the stews & vegges then a group doing special items all in as period
>>as possible.(new spit will be there)
>We need to know who will be there that wants to help. I figure all
>the baking will be done off-site. Stews can be done early and just
>warm in ashes. The meats will take a while and will require the most
>hands on attention. 10 people should be able to produce the feast
>without killing themselves.
>>What do you think? To ambitious.
>Maybe just a little.  :-D
>Let's tawk.
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