[Spit-project] New stuff

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 16 10:05:37 PDT 2007

>Same thing I do every day Gunthar...try to throw the perfect pot...LOL.

I really need to go an learn how to do that.

>it was ?? how many years ago now Gunthar?

Um....7 I think.

>that I was doing the Crown feast for Greywood when Gunthar won...

I've forgotten you did that feast. The sad thing was that the new Princess
didn't get to enjoy that. She wasn't even on site and didn't know I'd won
yet. Sara didn't get on site until after feast and everyone was under strict
orders not to tell her anything until it was sprung on her in Court.

Hmmm.....Fall Crown list....In Greywood....with you doing feast.....again my
third time placing second in a row...
Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

>   gwyneth



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