[Spit-Project] Portable hearth test

Rosalyn Johnson rjohnson at starstream.net
Sun Jul 29 17:53:57 PDT 2007

I fired up my new portable hearth yesterday and it performed splendidly. The
open shape allowed for a good fire with lots of coals for dutch oven
cooking. I did a sautéed  and simmered chicken dish (Chicken Ambrogino) and
it worked out well, as I could move the embers where I needed them and move
the pan away from the fire completely. I also did pan de campo (a griddle
bread) and that worked fine too.


I expect charcoal briquettes would be okay, and I may actually have
briquettes at one end and a wood fire at the other, for faster and slower
cooking dishes respectively, depending on what’s on the menu.


Set up and take down went fine, though I need a little more practice to get
up to speed. I just brushed the ashes out with a whisk broom into a bucket.


Because we were cooking on my concrete driveway, I wasn’t able to use my
spit (nothing to pound it into), but I’m aiming for trying it out at an
event at the end of the month.


Except for a slight discoloration due to heat, the firepit was none the
worse for wear. Hinges worked fine and there was no “leakage” of ash onto
the ground below.





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