[Spit-Project] Portable Hearth Dimensions?

Abe Wendaam abestripe at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 30 16:34:08 PDT 2007

I'm glad that your hearth worked so well.  Now I am truly jealous, scratch that, envious...  But a question that I couldn't find the answer to in the archives...  How big is it?  What are the dimensions?  How deep?  I am in the planning stages of a fire box of my own and need some more details about the size, since yours "looks" about the size I am considering.  About 2' x 3'? 

Many thanks,

looking for any excuse in Western Seas

I fired up my new portable hearth yesterday and it performed splendidly. The
open shape allowed for a good fire with lots of coals for dutch oven

I expect charcoal briquettes would be okay, and I may actually have
briquettes at one end and a wood fire at the other, for faster and slower
cooking dishes respectively, depending on what?s on the menu.



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