[Spit-Project] Portable Hearth Dimensions?

Rosalyn Johnson rjohnson at cfsa.org
Mon Jul 30 18:30:31 PDT 2007

It's about four feet long (the firebox that is) and I'm not sure of the width at the top. I'd say at least 24 and closer to 30 inches. Not sure what the depth is.
If you'll post a reminder, I'll be glad to open it up and measure it next week (leaving for vacation day after tomorrow, back next Tuesday.)

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	I'm glad that your hearth worked so well.  Now I am truly jealous, scratch that, envious...  But a question that I couldn't find the answer to in the archives...  How big is it?  What are the dimensions?  How deep?  I am in the planning stages of a fire box of my own and need some more details about the size, since yours "looks" about the size I am considering.  About 2' x 3'?
	Many thanks,
	looking for any excuse in Western Seas
	I fired up my new portable hearth yesterday and it performed splendidly. The
	open shape allowed for a good fire with lots of coals for dutch oven
	I expect charcoal briquettes would be okay, and I may actually have
	briquettes at one end and a wood fire at the other, for faster and slower
	cooking dishes respectively, depending on what?s on the menu.
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