[Spit-project] New setup

Kathleen Madsen kathleenmadsen at gmail.com
Fri May 11 04:53:19 PDT 2007

> That is so cool! Who did you get it from? How much did it cost?
> How well does it transport? I do like the thought of the raised
> hearth because Ansteorra tends to get a little dry now and then.

My cooking hearth (I'm not sure what to call it, it's not a firepit perse.)
was made by a gentleman by the name of Crimson in the West Kingdom.    It
looks like the West Kingdom site is down right now but if you look at
http://www.history.westkingdom.org/ you should be able to look him up.  His
wife is Anna Serra and she is very involved with the culinary arts.  He made
his first cooking hearth for her and when we all saw it in use we started
asking if he would make one for us.  Version number two was made for
Mistress Rose de La Mans and I got the third version.  It's two tripods
connected at the top with a bar, the hearth platform is designed to slide up
two of the tripod legs from the bottom and then rests on a pin at whatever
height you desire to set it.  There are hooks on the side of the tripods and
S hooks can be used on the bar that is across the top.  At a guess I'd say
it's about 48" tall, 72" wide at the base where the legs are pushed into the
ground, and about 30" deep at the base; the hearth platform is about 48"
wide and 24" deep.  The hearth platform has two hinges that run the length
of the platform so it can be folded up for storage, it also makes a nice
dish for the fire to sit in without having to worry about pushing anything
over the sides.

>I used to like moving, but that
> >was back when we didn't have so much *stuff*.
> Tell me about it. I was perfectly content with my little Coleman
> tent and air matress and director's chair.
> And then I somehow got saddled with this incredibly cute
> newbie who is all about period and being comfortable.
> What used to fit in my CR-V we now need a trailer.

My first Pennsic was in a pup tent and all my supplies for a week fit in my
tiny Geo.  Today the month of July is dedicated to making a pavilion and
we've had to buy a bigger vehicle to haul everything around in.  How does
that ad go?  We've come a long way, baby!  ;)  I'm not looking forward to
gas prices this summer.

Sigh...it's a burden.
> Gunthar


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