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Fri May 11 09:22:49 PDT 2007

  Those are the very ones I was thinking about... and have already greatly thanked her.  I have no idea why they didn't register with me last night when she posted the site.
  You guys (gals) all did a wonderful job and that is why I want to try something similar this year in my camp.  My other cooking campmate from Maine is very game, so it will be the two of us trying this as a late birthday present for me (my birthday is in December, and I reached the great milestone of 60 years).  I have wanted to do the Trayne Roste for a very long time, and intend to add that to the meal.  
  Phlip, you are indeed a saint if your group was able to pull that off.  Any tips for someone just starting their own project.  As I posted at my folder, I have only two pots so far, so how many more do you think I will need to get to do this little feast... I am thinking there will be around 17 of us eating.  And, please add notes to each of the images I did put up there, and add any others lacking.
  Also, just for fun, I will also be taking pictures of my campmate's son, who has decided at age 11 (his first year at Pennsic last year) that he is going to attend every Pennsic until he dies now, has also decided that he is going for a boy scout cooking badge and will be doing one meal for us (don't know if he will be curageous enough to use the big fire and spit, but we also will have a propane camp stove available to him towards the back of the camp.
  ~~ Meisterin Katarina Helene

Saint Phlip <phlip at 99main.com> wrote:
  If the pix Johnna found are from the one you're thinking about, that
one was held in my camp at Pennsic. Mistress Christianna was in
charge- it was an experiment in cooking with period pottery.
We had a smaller one last year.

On 5/11/07, Johnna Holloway wrote:
> That's from here--
> http://users.stlcc.edu/mfuller/pennsic2005cooking.html
> Compare the two sections and I think they match.
> Johnna

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