[Spit-project] A Whining Plea <smile>

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Tue May 15 04:31:00 PDT 2007

Another suggestion would be for people to take their cameras
and take photos of set-ups that are interesting. Yahoo makes it very easy
to upload photos into files once they are in digital form.

I would also think that groups outside the SCA might be worth exploring too.
Regia Anglorum does some open fire cookery.

for some shots. I would guess Folo would be happy to put us in connection
with photos and people. They might be interested in the list as well.

I have hearth photos with spits from various UK kitchens but these 
aren't really suitable
for transport to the Wars. That doesn't mean that certain Living History 
Museums in
the UK won't have set-ups that would be interesting. It's a just a 
manner of someone
remembering that they took the photos. I know for instance that I took 
photos at CooksCon
3 in 2005 in Colorado of the following session Cucina per campagna: A 
Using a Medieval Camp Kitchen*. */Melanie Unruh/*//
* Explore the equipment and techniques used by medieval cooks in a 
re-created late medieval camp kitchen. Serve up a meal from period 
recipes and ingredients and cooked over an open fire. Participants are 
invited to dine together on the fruits of our labors.

I haven't located the right cd yet of those photos.


Helen Schultz wrote:
> I sure wish people would put photos of their set-ups in the Yahoo! Photo Section... so far, I am the only person who has posted anything there.  I know my stuff is far from perfect, but I have also created two nice folders with other stuff I've found on the web.  Please, people, let us see what you have rather than just describing it <she says with much pleading>.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
>   Meisterin Katarina Helene von Schönborn, OL 

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