[Spit-project] King's College class Test Pt 1 (long)

gail young gwynethb63 at yahoo.com
Mon May 21 03:30:29 PDT 2007

Wow Gunthar!  I'm SSSOOO impressed.  Good work keeping up with your steps and sharing your info.  I spent the weekend making you two ceramic frying pans<G>.  I'll fire, glaze and fire before KC>BTW, I'm organizing a potluck for King's College so people will stay and party with me at Bardic.  Will you and Elizabeth be there for dinner?
  Can't wait!

Michael Gunter <countgunthar at hotmail.com> wrote:
  For the class I'm teaching at King's College in a couple of
weeks I'll be demonstrating various ways of cooking poultry
along with other dishes.

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