[Spit-project] fire box

Abe Wendaam abestripe at yahoo.com
Tue May 22 18:04:35 PDT 2007

Aloha to the group.  Thank you for allowing me to join the discussion.  I am in the process of planning/designing/making a portable fire box for use at our almost monthly camping events.  MY question for the group is what is a reasonable size?  I was thinking 2'x3' so I have room for fire and room for cooking with coals.  My idea is to have 5" deep sides.  I am also currently planning on making this thing with 14g. mild steel and doing the pounding myself.  Good idea?  bad idea?  The guy at the steel place said stainless shouldn't have direct heat or it can crack.  At any campsite we use, the fire is ok, but it must be off the ground so I was just going to use pipe for the legs, 8-12" should be sufficient.  Is this a waste of time and resources?  

Lord AberHardt
Barony of Western Seas

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