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Thanks Gunthar and Elizabeth..

I'm not sure what all you want to know but here is my tale.... I came to the 
event... I cooked ....I went home tired.

First I was not very organized at this event but it worked out. The meal was 
my donation to Duke Inman's army. The food was a large hind joint of beef 
approx 50 lbs, 10 chickens, 9 lbs smoked sausage, some pork sausage and a 
lot of venison, veggies were mostly frozen from my and my in laws garden 
this summer, dried beans, potatoes and carrots. The chickens were prepared 
and frozen after purchasing at the store. The propane smoker was started 
Friday evening by Centurion Micheau and he cooked the chickens until they 
were removed Saturday afternoon. (they just fell apart no need for a 
thermometer). Smoked meat has a pink color to it and some people think it is 
not done but this meat just fell off the bones. The beef was also placed 
over the fire Friday night after a good bed of coals were made. The beef was 
still a little frozen and it took some doing to put it on the spit. The beef 
had a good layer of fat to help sear the meat. I stayed up all night working 
the fire and turning the meat. I slept for a few hours in my chair early 
that morning during which an animal came and removed a venison roast and 
ribs off the table that was thawing out. The beef stayed on the spit until 
late Saturday afternoon (at that time slicing into the meat to the bone the 
meat not longer bled and was totally cooked at the bone). Around 11am we 
started cooking meat for stews. The venison that was not stolen by animals 
was simmered in water and spices for the stew. Ground meat was also started 
for a beef stew. Veggies squash, green beans, tomatoes yellow and canned 
red, zucchini, onions, peppers, potatoes, carrots were all prepared for the 
stews. We made 4 stews created with food available and spices on hand (some 
were grown in my garden others pkgs.purchased). Seasoned to taste. Made up 
recipes from some I have used before and from my vast reading of period 
foods and recipes for early period. This was a war camp and I wanted to 
challenge myself to use what was available without any recipes. The pork 
sausage was a little hot spiced and I won't use it again. The venison turned 
out great and many who tasted like it. The sausage on sticks were smoked 
pre-cooked and I liked the idea of them being on a stick (they went fast). 
The breads were purchased.

Now for the help. Lady Elizabeth worked with me the whole day. Her friend 
with the new baby also helped. Sorry I am very bad with names and as 
everyone knows I had a bum knee and was on pain meds. Baroness of Steppes 
Kathryn and Baroness Francesca(SP), HL Donnel, a newbie and others offered 
their assistance at times during the day, Agilwolf chopped wood and was 
available to help with many tasks, Micheau (my husband) worked all the time 
and fought too (without him I would never been able to donate this meal to 
the cause).

Some were surprised that it did not take an army of helpers to get this 
done. I also had to check everything to make sure it was OK to cook and 
serve for example The field pea snaps were to tough and were thrown out. (I 
have to watch the helpers next year when we shell peas) Next time I'll have 
items set up in advance.

We had  4 folding tables, 2 picnic tables and a camp table to use for the 
kitchen. This made work a lot easier. The camp was set up where we had 
plenty of room around the fire etc. I have a rule of no small children (up 
to 16 yrs of age) in the kitchen or near the fire in my encampment. It 
reduces the chances of anyone getting hurt. I also don't let children (or 
anyone else) throw things in my fires. We had 2 large tubs for washing and 
rinsing dishes etc. and a propane burner for heating water.

What went wrong...Besides not being very organized and some items not making 
it to site. My leg hurt. The venison ribs were overcooked. I wasn't happy 
with some of the stews. The axe needs a new handle. The venison roast and 
and the good ribs were taken away by local dogs. I need to get another 
ceramic rack for the pit. Too much food was cooked. Not enough time to pack 
up and get ready for the Roses tourney this weekend... Cooking again for a 
Tavern with Countess Vanessa.

Gunthar does that help with what was done... Elizabeth was a great help Now 
what all did she learn about cooking on a fire?

FYI I was told Wed.that I had a torn meniscus with flap on my left knee and 
needed surgery ASAP (next week) I had the surgery date changed to 11/30/07 
where I could fulfill my commitments to 3 Kings, Roses, Bordermarch Melees 
this month. It was a little late to cancel and get someone else to take over 
these duties.

Again thanks to all who helped and let me know your names where I can 
remember next time. It was a lot of work but I am willing to do it again. 
Next time I'll be more organized.


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Last weekend at the tournament of Three Kings here in Ansteorra there was a 
wonderful display of open fire cookery by Countess Regina aided by Ly. 
Elizabeth and a few others. Sorry for the vagueness but I was out fighting.

Regina had a huge chunk of beef roasting over the fire all night and dinner 
consisted of Beef, Venison, smoked chicken, sausages, beans, beef stew, pork 
stew, vegetable soup, venison stew, bread and I'm not sure what else because 
I just came in to the tail end of the meal. (Bloody Belted Circles!)

She made enough to feed over 100 people and there was still a lot left the 
next day. All of this over portable hearths.

I hope she could provide a more detailed description of what all went into 
it and who helped and such.

But it was awesome!

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