[Spit-Project] We got to use our new portable hearth this weekend.

Rosalyn Johnson rjohnson at cfsa.org
Mon Sep 24 09:55:33 PDT 2007

Glad you liked your new firepit.

Yes, setting it up takes a bit of practice (I'm still working on it).
Crimson can do it lickety-split, but I guess that's because he knows all
it's idiosynracies (sp?). One tip I found was to wear a pair of sturdy
gloves when assembling, so that you can get a firm grip on everything.

I used on mine on my concrete driveway, no need to pound it into the
ground at all. It was steady as a rock. I also set it on grass, again
not pounding it in. If you want to contact me off-list, I think I might
be able to give you some advice to help with that issue. 


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Although we got it before Pennsic, we haven't had the chance to use our
new firepit until last weekend.
Some problems were created in that there were no setup instructions with
it. So it took a bit and an email to the maker to figure it all out. I
also don't like that it has to be pounded into the ground to work. The
metal tempered and bent a bit when water was poured on the coals but the
box was still able to fold almost flat.
Good points, it looks great! It is very sturdy once it is pounded into
the ground. The firebox holds quite a lot of wood/charcoal. There are
hooks on the legs for spits or to raise and lower the grills. Poker and
shovel were included. There are nice channels to prevent water from
pooling in the firebox. The firebox is rather shallow so that the fire
can be enjoyed when just used as a raised campfire. The system packs
really flat. We just need to get another long bag for the bars. 
Elizabeth took some photos both in the day when it was constructed and
at night with the fire blazing. We'll be posting those later.
On another note, if you have a Costco account, they offer REAL charcoal
for a competitive price against that manufactured ash. It burns hot and
clean and is really nice. 
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