[Spit-Project] The Ultimate Wood-Fired Oven Book

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Wed Dec 3 10:59:45 PST 2008

I was browsing magazines on the newsstand over the
weekend and came across
an article in the new issue of Timber Homes Illustrated on
Wood fired Ovens.
They interviewed a lady named Anna Carpenter.
Her new book that came earlier this year is The Ultimate Wood-Fired Oven
Book. Not quite spit cooking but it can be cooking with wood.

Turns out she has a web site also
http://www.losangelesovenworks.com/ <http://www.losangelesovenworks.com/>
Lots of photos.

Anyway I thought people might be interested in taking a look at least at
the website,
if not looking for the article or even the book. I don't recall
discussing it here before.
Oh and her website also led to another site that is all about BBQ

Happy holidays.


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