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Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 30 08:37:30 PDT 2008

>My name's Daniel. I haven't decided on a new persona yet-I went by
>Hrolf Petrovich back in the eighties, but that was long ago nd far

Hello and welcome. Period Spit is a little quiet with the ocassional
burst of activity.

It sounds like you shouldn't have to ask many questions and
could provide quite a few answers! Your job sounds fascinating.

>My period cooking experience has been almost all colonial era,
>and mostly indoors

Indoors using historic hearths? That's just as important and
relavant to this list as outdoor stuff. We're interested in all
aspects of historical and wood/charcoal/etc... cooking.

>(the outdoor stuff has all been "guy cooking"-
>flatbreads on stones, and lots of roasted meat at military
>reenactments, so not much to talk about there...).

Any information is helpful. A lot of us haven't had the opportunity
to cook on stones and such. Many of us are just getting used to
the concept of more historical cooking techniques as well as
historical recipes. This is a place to teach what not to do as much
as what works.

> Hopefully I'll be able to contribute something- I'll definitely
>be having questions about things : )

Sounds like you will definately have something to contribute
and maybe we can get this elilst "fired" up again.

Unfortunately, my cooking is going to be hampered for the
next 9 months or so. That means all of you have to add stuff.


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