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Just got this from another list and wanted to pass along to those that
might have some interest in such:

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Date: Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 11:12 AM
Subject: [Spit-Project] Gulf Wars BBQ competition - sigh

So we have been informed of a Barbecue competition to be held
at Gulf Wars. They want the Royals to be judges in addition to a
"Bean Drop" populace vote.

There has even been talk of Food Network coming out to film it.

Um...why is my head about to explode?

I know the people involved have put a lot of work into this and think
it will a really fun event. But it just makes me twitch. Especially the
Food Network thing. That's all we need to continue the stereotype
that the SCA is nothing more than a trumped up Rennfaire who doesn't
even attempt at historic accuracy. What is next? A turkey leg competition?

And, yes, I do know that Ansteorra is hosting a Chili Night party the same
we have done at Pennsic for years. But I consider that a totally different
animal. We are having a fun "Texas theme" party in our camp. Yes, it again
presents a stereotype that you can't have fun and be Medieval. But at least
it is a gift given to the camp attendees. We know chili isn't period but
are Hawaiian luaus or any of the other rather silly parties that groups

We aren't having a chili competition. That's the difference. If a group was
having a party and giving barbecue to the masses, we wouldn't really have
a problem with it. Although I would someday love to have a big kingdom
party and serve beer, ale, wine, cider and period munchies. Just to show you
can actually enjoy period fare.

I will probably get into trouble for posting this rant because as King I
need to
support my people. But as a Cooking Laurel I'm feeling terribly squicky
the whole thing.

Now, wet chemise competitions? THAT'S entertainment!

Date: Monday, January 19, 2009, 6:28 PM

Your Majesty...how about we research a period barbq for the Ansteorran team?
Any ideas out there?  I've done many feasts cooking the meat on a pit..what
are the rules of the competition?
Mistress Gwyneth,
I've pasted the rules that I was sent. The only corrections that have been
made that I have knowledge of are that they are now allowing gas cookers to
cook the chili, and we have approximate turn in times in another e-mail that
for reason I just can't seem to put my cursur on right now.. Elrique
This is the latest news I have. You should know that there will be 3 phases
to the judging. 1st will be the Royal Judging.  2nd will be the regular
judges and 3rd will be by the populous. This is slightly different from the
Judging information below.
Royal Judging will be your best single dish presented to the Royalty. Time
and location to be determined. Regular Judging will be a blind taste test.
Populous judging will occur during the GA Social. The winners will be
announced at the Gleann Abhann Court.
There will be a meeting of head chefs or their representatives the day prior
to the Social. The meeting should last approximately one hour and will
address any last minute questions. There will follow a class on Judging
presented by Baron Ector and should also last approximately 1 hour. This
will cover the standards of judging we will use. I will also provide a copy
of the judging forms to be used.


All meat dishes that are entered into judging will be cooked from scratch
within the constraints of the event. Pre-cooked sauces, pre-marinating, etc.
will be allowed either on or off the cook site prior to start of the
cook-off. All meats must be cooked on site. Contestants shall provide all
needed equipment, supplies and electricity, except as arranged for in
advance. Contestants must adhere to all electrical, fire and other codes. No
one shall have access to the camps kitchen area for food preparation. Each
contestant shall supply all meat, seasonings, cooking utensils, barbecue
grills and other equipment necessary to prepare samples for judging. Cooks
will be permitted to prep or cook the food within their camps with notice
given to the event coordinator. All cooking sites are subject to inspection
prior to, and during the cooking competition. If the cooking team wishes to
cook in the Gleann Abhann Social Area, sufficient notice must be given to
 Event Coordinator to allow for a safe cooking area.

A fire extinguisher shall be in clear sight near all cooking devices.

All cooks are to prepare and cook in as sanitary manner as possible. Cooking
conditions are subject to inspection by the judging committee at any given

a. Shirts and shoes are required at all times by the cook and all food
handling assistance
b. The cook and all food-handling assistants may wear aprons and hats.
Period appearance is requested.
c. Smoking or chewing tobacco during cooking and in the judging areas is
d.Cleanliness of the cook, assistants and contestants and food service areas
is required.
e. No live animals (dogs, cats, etc.) are allowed in the cooking area
f. No contestant's vehicle will be allowed to enter or exit the cooking
areas for any reason after cooking begins.
g. All meats must be kept at 40 degrees or below, prior to food preparation.
The Judges recognize that there may be times that more than one cook will
cook on a given pit. It will be the head cooks responsibility to monitor and
handle this is a professional manner. Head cooks must notify the Head Judge
on multiple entries from the same pit. . Multiple entries in the same
category by the same cook will not be allowed.
 No dug pits allowed within the Gleann Abhann Social Area.
Pit- Any commercial or homemade trailered or untrailered pit or smoker. May
include gas or electricity to start natural fiber substance but under no
condition can gas or electricity be used for cooking, however, electric
rotisseries will be allowed.
The Crown would like to discourage the use of fire pits and open fires but
will allow such pits at the Camps determination within the camping areas.
Open Fires WILL NOT be allowed within the GA Social Area. Head Cooks must
also be aware of any possible burn/fire bans within the Camp area.
Recognized categories are as follows:
NOTE: A combined score in all Categories will be Used for Determining the
Grand Champion or Overall Winner.

BEEF - Any Beef or Brisket Only
PORK RIBS - Slab only, (spare or baby back)
POULTRY - Any type - NO Cornish Game Hen
PORK BUTT OR SHOLDER- garnished w/ green leaf lettuce & parsley only (sauces
EXOTIC - Any meat other than the above categories.
OUTLAW CHILI - Cooked on site

A minimum of one showpiece for each category plus a number of samples that
will be determined by the head judge, and announced at the cooks meeting, on
the day of the cook-off. Rib samples must have bone in it and can be any
length as long as lid will close.

A Styrofoam tray with a hinged lid and without dividers or the best readily
available judging container that is approximately 9 inches square on the
bottom half will be supplied.
Silver foil must be used in the judging trays supplied by entrants.
All judging containers shall be clean and free of obvious marks. Marked
containers may be disqualified at the Head Judges discretion. Cooks are
responsible for insuring that the containers they receive are clean and
If a judging tray becomes damaged it may be replaced when, along with the
ticket attached to the lid, it is returned to the Head Judge.

Garnishes and condiments are allowed. Meats may be cooked with sauces;
sauces may be visible or added to the judging containers if they will be
offered to the general populace during the Social

Anything goes, but cooks must take a bite of their chili at turn in, before
being accepted.

Showmanship and Heraldic displays are encouraged and will be judged.

No time limit. These two categories will be judged at any time during the
day. Judges are to remember that while judging these pits and areas, if done
so during turn-in times, that they will take this into consideration.

Turn in times will be determined and all teams will be notified prior to the
cooking event.

No participating Cooks and/or assistants will be tasting judges in any
phase. They may however, be used as table monitors.

The Crown or their representatives will do judging. All decisions are final
and will be announced at the Gleann Abhann Court .

The Crown recognizes that there are substantial costs involved in this
undertaking. Therefore it will be permissible for the contestants to place
"Tip Jars" and will encourage the populace to help defray the food costs of
the contestants.
"Most men worry about their own bellies, and other people's souls,
when we all ought to worry about our own souls, and other people's
-- Rabbi Israel Salanter

"The duty of a good Cuisinière is to transmit to the next generation
everything they have learned and experienced."
-- Fernand Point, 1941(modified)

~Brightest Blessings  @-,-'--

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