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Tue Jul 6 14:21:47 PDT 2010

Johnnae wrote:
>Is anyone doing anything special this summer in terms of spits and grilling?
>Recipes, cooking, trials by fire???
>No one has mentioned any activities of late.
>Just wondering and Happy July 4th weekend

I have been on this list as something of a voyeur, since i live in an 
apartment with no balcony and am often either an officer, a 
competition judge, or a herald at events, so dont have time to linger 
over a smokey fire.

But at the West/An Tir War this weekend, there was the period cooks 
camp in which we cooked nearly everything over charcoal fires. So 
besides pots in the coals, there was much spitting and grilling.

I have very little experience cooking on *real* fire, so my first 
morning it took me about three hours to get some water hot enough to 
poach eggs. But i learned a LOT! And had a marvelous time.

Our mantra was Period Food Is Yummy. One whole side of the camp was 
open to the road, and all day we invited passersby to come into the 
camp and taste what we were cooking.

And at dinner time, all our tables were lined up on the edge of the 
road and we each set our feast gear where we would be sitting. Then 
starting at one end, we put some of our dish onto every plate. Then 
we sat to eat, each with the serving dish(es) in front of the cook 
who had prepared it. There were at least 18 and often more dishes at 
each dinner. After all of us had been served and had begun eating, we 
coerced, err, invited passersby to take a small paper dish and work 
their way down the tables to sample everything.
Urtatim [that's err-tah-TEEM]
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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