[Spit-Project] Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Thu Feb 24 07:32:24 PST 2011

In terms of new equipment and outdoor ovens, the Williams-Sonoma  
catalog arrived yesterday
with the next new expensive thing which just happens to be:
Fontana Gusto Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven

Take wood-fired baking to delicious new levels with this top-of-the- 
line outdoor convection oven from Italy. It’s amazingly efficient –  
and very easy to use. Just build a fire in the middle chamber, and  
when the thermometer shows your desired temperature, the oven is  
ready. Use the trio of wire racks in the upper chamber to bake and  
roast your favorite foods to perfection, from meat and poultry to  
seafood and vegetables. You can also bake breads and  pizzas directly  
on the composite stone bottom, which absorbs moisture in the dough for  
a crisp, golden crust. A powerful convection fan works with the oven's  
vaulted design to circulate heat for even baking.

Powerful convection fan ensures efficient, even baking.
Preheats in just 45 minutes – and uses five times less wood than  
traditional ovens.
A built-in timer lets you know when food is ready.
This version costs $4999.00 and can't be gift wrapped.

The version without the convection oven is $2999.


The design looks interesting and different than the typical backyard  

Anyway I thought people like to see it.


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