[Spit-Project] West Coast Culinary Symposium Update

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Mon Nov 14 14:54:29 PST 2011

In case you haven't seen, here's the latest information for the West  
Coast Culinary Symposium adapted from a couple of handouts posted to  
the Subtleties list.

February 10, 2012 to February  12, 2012
Camp Bothin Youth Camp
3125 Sir Francis Blvd
Fairfax, CA

The Facebook page  is

The website for the event (which is still under construction) is

The schedule and class list for the Culinary Symposium is still  
somewhat in flux, but here are the classes I've got as of now:

Cooking Over a Fire
15th c English Table Manners
Breaking a Pig
Saffron History & Uses
Cheesemaking 101
Intro to Pressed Cheese
Redacting 101
Viking bread in theory and practice
Searching Sources
La Cucina Povera: Italian Peasant Food in the Sixteenth Century
Camping without a Cooler
Drying and Preserving Herbs in a Dough Coffin
Exploring Martino
Evolution of trenchers and Bread on the medeival table
Portuguese Goa
Period Charcouterie Data Review
Cuisine in the Byzantine Empire
"Gebachens" – Foods for Fastnacht
Poultry as Food Animals
Roman Food
Ottoman Cooking
Hands-on Carving: Chickens, Peaches and Pies
Poultry Processing
Writing Food History: How to write it and where to publish it?
Gelatin - savory, sweet, subtlety, and prescription!
Bread Baking
Perfectly Period Feast and How We did it
Period Islamic Cooking

So, send in those registrations soon.

Juana Isabella



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