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For those in Gate's Edge, this appears to be about 1 block away from Anne
(Robin) in the Woodlands, not Spring, the directions sounded awfully


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First, allow me to apologize for the multiple postings.  Second, allow me to
say that I am not trying to jump into anyone else's shoes but was asked by
the lady to post the following.

If anyone can help with sticking mailing labels etc., Dame Fiona Mairi
MacQuarrie, OL, OP, GW XI Reservationcrat, who recently moved here and is
trying to handle all the Gulf War reservations/confirmations/packets and so
forth could desperately use some help.  I spoke at length with her just now
and she informed me of several things.

One is that, possibly, *if* everything gets here from over there, there is a
"stuffing party" scheduled for Saturday at TE Godwin & Lissa's.  She can not
say at this time when or even if it will really happen.  But keep your eyes
open and we can see if this is going to come off.

Second, she is having massive problems with phone lines and computer hookups
and is without a computer which is why she asked me to post all this stuff.
She asks that interested persons call her on her cell phone:  832-797-9668
and offer their help.

Third, if you can do something as soon as *tomorrow* night at 7 pm, she
could surely use hands to help stuff, label etc. what she already has.  The
directions she could give me are posted below but you might also want to
check out a map program as she was unsure of some of the road names being so
very new to the area.  Her address is:  3503 Valerie Lane, Spring, TX.

The directions she could give me are as follows:

Take your best route to I 45-Rayford/Sawdust exit.  Turn right (if exiting
from the Houston side-Turn left if exiting from the Conroe side).  At the
3rd light-Turn left.  Go to the end of this road (name not remembered
well-might be sawmill road but no bets being taken).  It will dead end into
a T about 5 miles down.  Turn right. The name of this road is not
remembered. Go to Valerie Lane (across from a day care center-about 1 mile
after a stop sign on the unremembered road)  Turn left onto Valerie Lane.
There will be two stop signs.  She lives in the 1st house on the left past
the 2nd stop sign.

As stated above, she can surely use our help.  If you can possibly make it
for even an hour to help, this would be wonderful.  I hope to be there and
we need to really help this lady who has given so much in the past to the
society.  I didn't realize it but she said she has been doing this for *7*
years!  Let's show her what we are made of around here and help her get out
of this bind!  Until then, I remain....

In Service,

Dear God,  Help me to be the person
my dog thinks I am.  Amen

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