[Stargate] Volunteering for Stargate at Gulf War

MGreene@mpan.com MGreene at mpan.com
Wed Feb 27 15:37:50 PST 2002

You guys probably saw my post on the list a few days ago about the
volunteer hours that Elfsea pulled last year at Gulf Wars.    Well, one
thing they did that was really cool, was to pool their raffle tickets
earned, for the volunteer hours worked, and the prized won were donated to
a baronial pool to be used as largess or baronial prizes.

So, I thought we could do the same here in Stargate.   For every
2-volunteer hours you work (charter painting, marshalling, waterbearing,
troll, etc.), you will receive a slip of paper.  If you want to donate them
into the 'Stargate' box (located at the Baron and Baroness' cook tent in
the Stargate camp area) they will be turned in to the Volunteer Point for
you, the hours will count toward Ansteorra's War points, and the raffle
tickets you earn will be donated to Stargate.   Then, after Grand Court on
Saturday night, any prizes pulled with those Stargate tickets will become
part the 'Stargate Prize chest', for the Baron and Baroness to use as
largess, or include in prize baskets for upcoming events or for auctions to
raise funds for Stargate purchases.

So, you do the volunteer hours, drop your volunteer slips in the Stargate
camp box,  we save you from having to walk down to the Volunteer Point, we
save you from having to keep up with your raffle tickets, and we save you
from having to stay after Grand Court to collect prizes.   Else you can
turn in your own volunteer slips, and just donate the raffle tickets into
the box.

You get to serve Ansteorra, and donate prizes to Stargate as well!!   What
a deal!   And by having us take care of your volunteer slips and raffle
tickets for you, you'll have more time to spend at war doing what you
enjoy!  Like, perhaps, more time volunteering!   :-)

I will not be on site till Thursday, so would like to have a partner to
help me with this project, probably someone who is going to be on site
earlier in the week.  And you can help us haul back our 'cache' of prizes
on Sat. night!   If you are interested, please let me know.
In service,  Mistress Hillary Greenslade
mgreene at mpan.com

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