[Stargate] Baronial cooking equipment-a long answer but there you are

D. Vandever hlannes at ev1.net
Sat Apr 16 09:07:08 PDT 2005

Dear Gerald and the Barony,

I am not a cook and so may be speaking out of turn but along with that
preliminary list of pots, pans etc. I would think that some type of large
portable fire/grill/oven capable of handling a meal for at least 75 persons
or more would be a must. I have seen on the market some very large items of
this ilk or perhaps the barony would consider having something made for
themselves by someone like Vaclav as permanent baronial equipment. HL Vaclav
is always willing to loan his oven/cooker but people move away or things
happen and personal equipment becomes unavailable.

I would also think that a portable sink such as Arcus Eadric loans always
would be a necessity. Again, my reasoning is as above. (Forgive, I can't
remember what the honorific for those holding the Ard d'Or are called at the
moment.) Along with this, I would suggest that the barony purchase several
hundred feet of hose and connectors in order to be able to use it at
whatever site you might consider.

I would also think that things like potholders, towels, tablecloths, and
scrubbing equipment would be needed. Perhaps disposable washing equipment
might be used but I can think of no good substitute for a potholder of a
disposable nature. These are rather perishable items and would need to be
replaced regularly due to attrition.

I believe I have a metal etcher which I would be willing to give to the
Barony or to come and use to mark any baronial equipment but I will have to
check on this. Alternatively I believe an etcher is under $15 dollars on the
market today so perhaps this expense is not too high for the barony to
consider for itself.

Your preliminary proposal for a budget does not shock me. If the barony is
to consider some of what I mentioned above, it is probably pretty much

I would be available next Sunday to help you inventory. Just let me know
when and send directions to the storeroom, please. Until then, I remain...
In Service,
HL Annes
Stargate Historian
You are not an archeologist trying to construct a society that has been
lost. You are a historian who is preserving what is now for the future to
learn about us.The only SCA historians who will be SCA archeologists will be
our heirs if we, as historians today, fail to do our jobs properly.

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