[Stargate] Cooks of Stargate, lend me your wisdom (long, but then, some things have to be)

Ted Kubricht tedk at ieee.org
Sun Apr 17 23:55:18 PDT 2005

Greetings to all my friends in the great Barony of Stargate,

Gerald has a great idea here!   When I cook, I usually have to scrounge for
equipment and I've purchased quite a bit of my own over the years to fill in
the gaps.   The portable hearth is one prime example of scrounging to meet
my need to cook for 200-300 in a truly period manner.

While I'm always happy to loan out the portable hearth to the various local
groups, I have found that many are uncomfortable with using and tending a
wood fire.   Most cooks are more familiar with modern controls and
thermostats on their ovens and may not completely understand the period
hearth style of cooking.   This usually means that when I loan the hearth, I
come with it to run it and miss most of the event's events.

I've been toying with the idea of building a large trailer mounted insulated
propane oven that could be used just like the home or commercial version.
It should be large enough to handle our largest events.   I'd be happy to
engineer and build one for the Barony at as low a cost as possible.   This
would entail getting some volunteer help to perform the construction but I
think we could make one that is tailor made for our style of feasting.   The
portable hearth will still be available for those wanting to cook period

For sinks, I think we could make a very serviceable system using the bottom
halves of three 55 gallon plastic barrels and a commercial faucet on a
wooden or metal stand.   The barrel halves would stack for compact storage
and be plenty large enough to handle our largest pots.   Maybe even build a
collapsible platform for them.

Our serveware box is full, but most of the utensils are unsuitable for
serving and I usually have to bring my own.   Our knives are all dull, so I
bring my own of these as well.   I won't bore you with the technical
reasons, but simple knife sharpeners are made to sharpen knives in good
condition and do not work very well on overly dull knives.   We should send
ours to a sharpening shop to get them back in proper working order, or
regularly get new commercial grade knives (which are not expensive).   Sam's
has some good ones cheap.

I'll try to make it to the storage facility next Sunday, but cannot attend
Tuesday night practice because of a conflict with my brass quintet practice.


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> Greetings one and all.
> At our last event it was brought to my attention that the barony lacks
> the necessary equipment to run a primitive kitchen.  Without private
> equipment that was borrowed, the feast would not have been possible.

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