[Stargate] Pennsic Questions

Mike Meyers michaelm at totalsem.com
Thu Jun 2 09:37:11 PDT 2005

Hi All - I finally got on this list! Yay!
I'm VERY seriously considering going to my first Pennsic this year. I've
gone over the website in detail but have a few questions.
Are there any Stargate/Costal folks going? Could Isabella (my daughter) and
I join in?
If Coastal folks aren't attending, are other Ansteorra baronies there I
should ask about camping with?
We can't go the whole two weeks. More like 5-7 days. What's the best days to
attend if you're only staying a week?
No much info on siege. Would the treb be welcome? Any issues there? (I'm
surprised this is not discussed on the website!)
What questions am I not asking that are not addressed on the website?
Miguel de la Trebuchet
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