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I also have to agree with that.  If I'm coming home from an event that's the first weekend (even if I have off from work that weekend) I'll be driving home on sunday and really wouldn't want to be rushing to a meeting.  That's another thing we'd have to think about.  We'd be cancelling meetings because half the Barony would be driving home from an event.  

Just another thing to think about.  

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    I have a MAJOR problem with having the populace meeting on any Sunday....If I go to an event, any event, in any part of this or any other Kingdom, I am NOT going to want to sit in the park to have a meeting. You may not go to many events but I have been known to go to an event every weekend fo! r 6 months. There is too much going on, any given weekend, in the real world to have to worry if I can get to a populace meeting. 

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