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Wendel Bordelon rwbordelon at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 06:26:11 PST 2006


Lisabetta brought up a good point about would moving the populace meeting
increase the attendance and the social interaction?

Step back the suggestion of location and think about the goal.  How many
people attend
the meetings on Monday at Ryans?    How many people are not attending
because of
date or location?   And if a change of venue and/or time, who would we
likely lose and
who would we gain?

There are a couple people that have said they could not attend the meeting
on Sunday,
are you attending the meetings now?    I know that because of my job and the
travel I
do for that job I am seldom able to attend on a weeknight.  All the same, I
am not sure
and outdoor location in this part of the world would be predictable and
consistant enough
to have a regular meeting.  Between the rain, cold, heat and bugs...

I would love to see a more interaction in the barony.   A more social and
more heavily
attended populace meeting is a good step.

And now the shameless plug:   Remember and spread the word,  On February 11
the home of Francois and Perronnelle we are hosting a REVEL!   This is
gathering and
party for all our fellows in the Barony and even if it is not an official
SCA event Garb is
suggested.   Feel free to show up from 8pm onwards.


ps:  I do find it amuzing that even our mailing lists are split in twain,
must be something
about Two Towers....
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