[Stargate] Stargate Yule. Is Father Christmas Period?

Steve Scott (Dietrich) dietrich.strobelbart at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 9 21:42:24 PDT 2007

It has come to my attention that some concern has been expressed about our proposed theme for Yule and whether Father Christmas is "period".  Please let me clarify a few things.  

The theme of the event is to be a late-period English Country Christmas, circa 1500 AD.  The hall will be decorated accordingly with boughs of greenery, a fireplace, and small wooden toys, among other things.  There will be a merchant portraitist in attendance, in a discreet location, who will provide "instant portraits" for those who desire them. (wear your best finery! Part of the proceeds go to the Barony!)  There is also a rumor that Father Christmas may put in an appearance and that he may have gifts for those who have been good.  

The resale shop that was mentioned at Populace Meeting is an on-going ministry of the church where the event is to be held, and would be open that day, whether the event was there or not.  It was only mentioned in passing as a point of interest and part of our civic duty.  It was not intended to be construed as part of the Yule event in any way, shape, or form.  It is our understanding that all proceeds from the resale shop go to one of the local battered-women shelters.

For those of you who doubt the "period-ness" of Father Christmas, I offer the following links:


"...with the arrival of the Normans and the story of St Nicholas the creation of
the British Father Christmas was complete.  Our first written reference to the entity
of Father Christmas is found in a 15th century carol, which includes the line "Welcome,
my lord Christëmas."  From this point onwards, Father Christmas is seen
to represent the spirit of Christmas: that of good cheer and benevolence to all.
 In Tudor and Stuart times Sir Christmas or Captain Christmas was called upon to
preside over the Christmas entertainment in large houses.  In 1638, we got our first
image of Father Christmas courtesy of Thomas Nabbes, who illustrated him as an old
man in a furred coat and cap."



With that I hereby challenge anyone to supply more information as to whether Father Christmas is period or not. 

I hope this quells any doubts that anyone may have.

Yours in Service,

Lord Dietrich Strobelbart
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