[Stargate] From Genevieve and Annes...with Love

Darlene Burns annescvb at gmail.com
Sun Apr 18 16:17:35 PDT 2010


I hope you will not just skip or delete this without reading. Our gratitude
is real and we wish to give word fame to the worthy persons herein named.

An event with over 240 people attending, 8 different champions to be found,
a pelican circle, an investiture and a knighting doesn't come together all
by itself. It takes a lot of work and care to make sure everyone has what
they need, when they need it. To put it all up in one evening and to take it
all down and clean up the day after.

Ihon & Isabeau-if people really understood how hard you have to work, no one
would ever want to be a landed. The Gate looked fantastic. Thank you for
your service to barony and kingdom.

Hedwig and TE William and Katya...There was an incredible amount of food
that was presented well, served hot and well seasoned. I know for a fact
that if the feast is good, most of the sins of the event can be forgiven by
the populace. Thank you for providing such an excellent absolution for any
"bumps" people may have experienced elsewhere yesterday.

Alden-your willingness to "make smooth the way" is a true blessing. May you
never lose that drive and may you never be taken for granted. Thank you for

Leofwine and Ciarnat-you are gems...both of you. Thank you for caring and
being the incredible people you are.

Eadric-Your attention to detail is your stong suite...I can always count on
you to remember those things I might forget..Thank you for all those things
you do that so many people don't even know about.

Gisele...what can we say? Your luncheon was beyond fantastic. I heard
nothing except praise. And Fiametta, I didn't even know that Gisele had
gotten your help but I should have figured it out. Your artistic eye for
beauty was all over that table. Thank you both for adding to the specialnish
of a very special day.

Maria...300 gate tokens and 150 site tokens...each one perfect. Thank you
for providing your time and your talent to make them even through the
busiest time of the year for you.

Anne...Thank you for your service to decorate Camwood which is always
difficult to make look "right". Your efforts were appreciated.

Brenna & Isobail...the exchequer's job tends to be very thankless and
unnoticed...but getting ACCEPs info on time and getting gate done right and
all the reciepts in and bills paid is so important to get right. Thank you
for being able to do what so many others either are incapable of doing or
refuse to do.

Caitlin...another event...another head table organized and served smoothly
and with grace...(no fig sauce that I heard about)...don't know what we will
do when you decide you no longer want this job...Thank you for being so
willing to help.

Merewyn...we take our webministers for granted also...but your service to
help get information out to the kingdom by building and maintaining web
pages is invaluable...I and Genevieve want to make sure your efforts do not
go unnoticed this time...Thank you for being there when we needed you.

HE Lissa and HL Mea...thank you both for stepping forward at basically a
moment's notice to organize the competitions by being our Rapier and
Chivalric list mistresses. I know the fighters were well pleased with your
gracious help.

Joan...thank you for taking care of an area most people don't even think
about until it gets messed up. I'm sure people appreciated the toilet paper,
lights in the privies and hand sanitizer.

Sir Godwin and Don Robert...Genevieve and I can hardly find the words to
express how incredible you and your people were and are. I can't imagine who
could have done a better job. The event went up....then the event came
down...and we barely had to do anything other than answer a few simple
questions. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you to "The Press Gang"-Helping Godwin and Robert do what needed to be
done - you know who you are.

Thank you to St. Sebastian"s  for helping the archery run so smoothly.

Thank you to the 4 champions and their representatives for running the
championships so well.

Thank you Gwen for helping with the gifts we gave to the helpers and to
Dietrich for stepping in to coordinate field heralds when Lady Val got ill
and couldn't come to the event.

A super big Thank You to Fedelm for your love of the children and the
children's activities. I got the joy of sitting near you for some time and
your patience is awe inspiring.

Thank you to Alesone for being our CIC and coordinating the water bearing.
I'm sorry I never got a chance to chat.

Thank you Hillary for your love of scribal and incredible talents for doing
the scrolls.

Thanks to Thorgard who supported me throughout the event, helping everywhere
and for loving me so very much.

Thanks to Ali for loving Genevieve and letting her help me with this event.

I want to say a personal thank you to HE Genevieve for your insights,
advice, help and quirky sense of humor which kept me from being too serious.

As with every set of thank you's there may be one of you reading this
missive and feeling down or upset because you don't see your name mentioned
here. Please rest assured that it is not done deliberately nor because your
efforts were not appreciated. After an event, you want to try to tell each
and every person how incredible they were but you can't because there were
so very many of you who helped with a special word or a personal service or
a piece of advice.

We couldn't do it without you....and that is the simple truth. Thank you to
each and every one of you.

Annes and Genevieve
FORMER coautocrats
3rd Stargate/Loch Baronials
April, 2010

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