[Stargate] SCA may day bash

Stephanie Wilson imstephw at swbell.net
Wed Apr 21 08:38:09 PDT 2010

Hi Nan -

My husband, Don Corvin Fenarro, and I will be there. In fact, I'm the feast
steward, so if you're planning to attend make sure you stick around for

It is my understanding that those intending to camp should contact the event
steward, Duchess Cateau, at duchess_cateau at hotmail.com, especially if you
want to reserve cabin space.

Here is more information about the event:


Hope to see you there.

In service,


HL Anne Barrington
Barony of the Stargate
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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> anyone planning 2 attend the birthday bash & camp out? In the 
> Black Star ad it doesn't specify, but would we contact the 
> duchess if we intend 2 camp? thanks-Nan 		 	

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