[Stargate] An Authorizing Youth Boffer Marshall in Stargate

Kelvin Soice kelvinsoice at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 23 22:35:39 PDT 2010

I managed to score something rare and valuable at Gulf Wars, the authority to be an Authorizing Youth Boffer Marshall.  Yes, that means I can authorize your child for Youth Boffer, and I can even authorize new Youth Boffer Marshals*

The plan, and so far it is only just a plan as I have not yet gotten any
 official OK or paperwork including my background check, is for me to host Youth Boffer at the 'Sunday 
at the Park' meetings.  I want it to be Sundays because between homework and early bedtimes I feel the 
Tuesday night practices are just not going to happen for elementary school age children.

In the mean time, if you have any interest in getting your child into Youth Boffer please contact me and download the Ansteorran 'Complete Participants Handbook' at http://marshal.ansteorra.org/handbook/Complete%20Participant%27s%20Handbook%20Aug%202008.pdf and
 see pages 31-42.  Do not bother with the Youth Boffer website off the the marshallete page for Ansteorra, it is incomplete and wildly out of date.

*But the Marshal for Youth Boffer in Ansteorra made me promise not to make a new marshal until I clear it with her first so she can keep a handle on things.

Askell deLoucelles

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