[Stargate] Two Towers Submissions Due March 29th

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Thu Mar 25 09:23:59 PDT 2010

Greetings good gentles!

I am currently assembling contributions for the April issue of the Two
Towers. If you have anything to contribute -- a poem, a song, some art, a
story about an event, something you can teach others, please send it to me
at this address. The submission deadline for the April Two Towers is Sunday,
March 29th. Publication Permission Forms can be found at:

--> Guilds & Practices - I'd really like to hear from all guild principals
and marshalls so that I can accurately report information about practices
and meetings (i.e., meeting dates, times, locations, and contact

--> Officers - I welcome any contributions you have to the newsletter. In
particular, I'd like to have an introductory paragraph or two from our new
A&S Minister.

--> Committee News - It would be great to hear from the chairs and/or
members of the various committees that have been created as a result of our
recent baronial improvement projects. What's going on with the bookmark
project? And the social committee? The belt favor project? The membership
retention raffle?

--> Event Stewards and Coordinators - How are things going with the April
Stargate/Loch event? The Loch/Stargate May event? King's College in June?

--> Event Stories - Did you go to Gulf Wars? Did you have a good time? Did
you see someone from Stargate doing something worth bragging about? Write
about it and send it to me. Don't worry if your grammar isn't perfect - I'm
a good editor and can make your story, long or short, look good.

--> Photographs - Did you take photos at Gulf Wars? If so, I'd like to use
some of them for the April Two Towers.

--> Articles - Share your expertise or enlighten others on a subject you
feel passionate about. Send your article to me for publication along with
the appropriate Publication Permission Form found on the Ansteorra website.

--> Art - Send your finest artwork along with the appropriate Publication
Permission Form found on the Ansteorra website. Or let me know you’d like to
illustrate articles!

I look forward to everyone's contributions!

HL Anne Barrington
Stargate Chronicler

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