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I'm good.  And I forgot I have my single burner stove that is a larger burner than the regular stoves, so I'm bringing that as well.  I have a lot of the little propane cylinders as well.  And I must have about 10 soup ladles in my cooking gear so if anyone needs one there will be plenty there as well as a lot of other cooking gear.  

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Please let us know if something has come up.

Here’s the list of items for BAM and who is supplying them:

Ihon – Lentil & Sausage soup

·         Maria – Minestrone

·         Isolde – Chicken & Bacon

·         Maureen – Tomato Basil

·         Ann – Chicken Noodle

·         Genevieve – Brownies

·         Isabeau – Chocolate Chip Bars

·         Caitlin – Cornbread

·         Ciarnat – Coco, Tea, Cider

We are bring our personal pavilion instead the Stargate pavilion as it is a
little larger and will be set up in the same place we were last year.  It is
our goal to start serving around 11:30 and ending around 2 or 2:30.  Please
be sure to bring anything you may need including utensils.

Note:  Those making soup need to supply their own cooking surface and fuel

~ihon & Isabeau~
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