[Stargate] Stargate Pavilion at Defenders of the Rose

Stephanie Wilson imstephw at swbell.net
Wed May 4 08:56:38 PDT 2011

To the good people of Stargate,


Baron Robert and Baroness Simone have offered the Stargate baronial pavilion
for the use of the barony's populace at Defenders of the Rose, which is
being held this weekend at Camp Camwood. Lord Malachai has graciously
volunteered to transport the pavilion to site on Friday afternoon. It would
be very helpful if members of the populace would help set up the pavilion on
Friday evening (sometime after 5pm) and take it down on Sunday afternoon
(the event ends at noon). Is there anyone who can commit to doing this?


In service to Barony and Kingdom,


Anne Barrington

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